Halloween Evil in Hallows’ Eve with Danielle Harris

Not to be confused with Halloween (2007) starring Danielle Harris is Hallows’ Eve (2013) starring Danielle Harris. The film opens with an accident in which a young girl, Eve, is seemingly killed in the presence of some other kids. Ten years later, Eve is alive and has horrific scarring to half of her face. When we see Danielle Harris’ character, … Continue reading

Not Much Halloween at Monster Mania 27

About the only HalloweeN celebrity to be at 2014’s Monster Mania 27 was actress Dee Wallace who played Laurie Strode’s mom in Rob Zombie’s 2007 remake. But fans of other horror series got to meet Robert Englund / Freddy Krueger, Tony Todd / Candyman, some of The Walking Dead actors and the Grady Sisters from The Shining this past weekend, March 7 … Continue reading

Michael Myers Masks March 2014

Be sure you pre-order the great new Michael Myers Masks that Trick or Treat Studios is going to release later this year – just click here. Seeing the new masks that TOTS will be offering has made me more interested in this hobby than ever, I own some TOTS masks already, but I’m thinking of getting my first independent Michael … Continue reading

247°F with Scout Taylor Compton & Tyler Mane

This 2011 film reunites Laurie Strode and Michael Myers… which is to say that Scout Taylor-Compton and Tyler Mane, both from Rob Zombie’s HalloweeN movies, are co-stars in 247°F. Purportedly “based on true events,” 247°F has Scout play Jenna, a psychologically troubled young lady. In the past, Jenna lost her fiancé in a car wreck. Now, three years later, Jenna … Continue reading

Michael Myers Stabs & More at Halloween Expo 2014

The new HalloweeN and Michael Myers Masks previously announced by Trick or Treat Studios were presented at the end of January 2014 during the Halloween & Party Expo in Houston, Texas. We have seen the few photos of the upcoming HalloweeN II Opening Scene Myers Mask, Curse of Michael Myers Mask and H20 Myers Mask – all of which are … Continue reading

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