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HalloweeNMichael Myers and masks are the topic of discussion all the time here. The New Year starts off with a request from a die hard Michael Myers admirer. Hardcore fan Craig Foreman (pictured) asked us to “take a step back in order to take a step forward in 2015” (that phrase could mean many different things, but whatever).

malek akkad halloween michael myers mask 12

Avid reader

Here’s an interesting interview with HalloweeN producer Malek Akkad. The discussion was conducted by Arab American Beat in 2010.

malek akkad halloween michael myers mask 01

Back then, Malek Akkad kept some screen-used Michael Myers masks in the office of Trancas International Films in Hollywood, California. During the interview, we are treated to a few close glimpses of the masks. They belong to the films HalloweeN: The Curse of Michael Myers, Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Rob Zombie’s Halloween II.

malek akkad halloween michael myers mask 08

malek akkad halloween michael myers mask 09

As far as Halloween 6 mask replicas go, it seems that Silver Shampain Novelties (SSN) had it right with their line of H6 masks many years ago. SSN’s The Curse, Six and George Wilbur masks captured the look of the H6 Michael Myers mask that is seen in Malek’s office.

malek akkad halloween michael myers mask 02

The likenesses of both of Malek’s RZ Michael Myers masks were recreated quickly by several mask makers in the community. The easy availability of the animatronic Michael Myers head may or may not have helped to develop the accuracy of many RZ Halloween replicas. The Michael Myers animatronic is also shown during the interview.

malek akkad halloween michael myers mask 05

malek akkad halloween michael myers mask 06

On a side note, the interviewer, Joseph Naggiar, made a mistake during his talk with Malek. It’s nothing too major, and it’s not related to HalloweeN very much. Naggiar asks Malek about other films that he’s working on at the moment.

Naggiar says to Malek, “Tell us a little bit about the sweeping historical epic The Princess of Alhambra that you’re working on with Oscar-winning screen writer Robert Bolt.” Robert Bolt co-wrote the screenplay for Lawrence of Arabia (1962). Bolt died in 1995, so Malek couldn’t have been working with him (although he could’ve been working with a script by Bolt, he couldn’t have been working with the man himself). If I didn’t love Lawrence of Arabia so much, I wouldn’t have felt the urge to clarify what was said.

malek akkad halloween michael myers mask 11

Be sure to watch all three interview clips at the links below. Some behind the scenes footage from Rob Zombie’s Halloween II is shown, Scout Taylor-Compton speaks a bit on the set of Halloween II, and Michael Myers shows up at the end of the program.

malek akkad halloween michael myers mask 00b