Michael Myers Decapitations

Masked evildoer Michael Myers added decapitation to his repertoire of deadly techniques late in the game. It was during the HalloweeN franchise’s eighth film, Halloween: Resurrection, that Myers chose to start making people lose their heads in a literal sense. Perhaps this was because Michael Myers needed to set the record straight after his sister Laurie Strode seemingly beheaded him, mask … Continue reading

The Collector Mask

It’s not a Michael Myers mask, but it’s still something very cool and creepy. It’s the mask worn by The Man (a.k.a. The Collector) in the films The Collector (2009) and The Collection (2012). In these films, The Collector wears all black and he appears to have some sort of eye anomaly that makes his eyes reflect light in different … Continue reading

Happy Halloween Michael Myers Masks

Happy Halloween everyone!! Whether you’ll be scaring kids with your masks and costumes or simply watching a Michael Myers movie at home, we wish you and yours the absolute best this season. Whatever you do, have fun, be safe, and remember that there’s more to the spirit of Halloween than just latex! Special greetings to Tyler Mane and Chris Durand … Continue reading

Halloween H20 Vanishing Bonus Feature

Michael Myers’ escape by switching his mask and coveralls with someone else at the end of Halloween: H20 wasn’t the only vanishing act related to that film. There was another, more sinister disappearance connected to 1998’s Halloween: H20 and it’s an issue that isn’t spoken about much. It concerns the first DVD release of H20. Halloween: H20 made it to … Continue reading

The Top Ten Michael Myers Mask Replicas Ever. (Part 2 of 2)

Halloween is right upon us.  The days are shorter, the temperature is cooler and the ominous feel of All Hallow’s Eve is lurking in every shadow!  This time of year is without question my favorite by far. I love the weather, the fodder shocks, the pumpkins and the corn mazes. I delight in seeing the costumes, smelling the candy corn and hearing the hair-raising sounds.  I love the … Continue reading

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