How long will the drought without a new Halloween film last?

We are quickly approaching four years since Rob Zombie’s Halloween II first appeared in theaters back on August 28th, 2009.   That date will mark the fourth longest period in the HalloweeN franchise without a new movie to date, and with Halloween 3-D (or Halloween 3/Halloween Reboot/?) all but abandoned the drought is likely to become significantly longer. Given the facts that no … Continue reading

HalloweeN 3D Postponed

Michael Myers will not be returning to the big screen this Halloween season. The unfortunate news today is that Dimension films has postponed HalloweeN 3D and the release is now “To Be Determined.” Rumor has it that HalloweeN is very high on the Dimension priority list – hopefully this means that they are going to put a lot of effort … Continue reading

RIR Radio Ep. 51: Todd Farmer, Derek Linderman, Robocop, Halloween 3

Hour number one of the show: Mike and I ask – what could a RoboCop remake improve upon? I told Mike what I really loved about RoboCop after I re-watched it over the week. Not my job to rip but I gave my view on other horror sites for not taking our breaking news of Halloween 3 last week. Derek … Continue reading

Halloween 3D: Todd Farmer talks about his departure

I have been racking my brain for the last couple of days about news of the Halloween 3 problems. I have skowered all over and today I have found some light. Todd has dropped some info on Halloween 3 and whats going on with the story. Here are Farmers words from a recent interview. Todd’s outline for Halloween 3 was … Continue reading


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