Halloween 3 talk and Michael Myers Succumbs at Monster-Mania 25

Don’t get too excited about this little bit of Halloween 3 news. Malcolm MacDowell, who played Dr. Loomis in the recent HalloweeN films, held a Q&A at Monster-Mania 25 on August 17, 2013. He was asked about the likelihood of a new Halloween movie.

McDowell said the following: “Who knows? [Halloween 3] is in the Weinstein-hell, so who knows what’s going to happen. I have no idea. I know there was some talk about it, but I don’t know. They wanted to do some knock-off version, cheap. [HalloweeN] is a noble franchise. It would be sad just to do some real horrible rip-off and I wouldn’t be part of that.”

Michael Myers was also at Monster-Mania 25 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. After taking a photo with a fan who had giant chicken drumsticks for arms, Myers was beaten down by Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

michael myers at monster mania 25 august 2013

michael myers is defeated 04a august 2013

michael myers is defeated 00a august 2013

michael myers is defeated 02 august 2013

michael myers is defeated 03 august 2013

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  1. drentheliar says:

    Hey, I was there in H4 gear!

  2. knowbody says:

    got pics? send them my way

  3. Mike McManis says:

    hey that's me as Jason and my buddy as Freddy

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